My first impression was how easy, quick but also effective the relaxing effect was after the first exercise, I was pleasantly surprised! Straight away afterwards I already felt more aligned (I have scoliosis and thoracic spine hyper kyphosis). Overall I found the mixture of body awareness, breathing and exercise to be very effective and appealing… Aenne G.

BALLance is soooo great. My physio has been completely thrilled with my condition since I’ve been coming to your training and I even notice myself how good I feel. After using BALLance I feel like you hope to feel after yoga: my body is comfortably stretched and my mind is clear. Sandra R.-S.

I’ve had very good experiences with this method. Up until now this has been with patients with stenosis and very distinct kyphosis in the thoracic spine. Everyone was very enthused and reported being instantly relaxed and feeling pain-free. Working with this method enriches your everyday life. Nane, Physiotherapist, Rückenzentrum am Michel

…Thanks so much again, I find it really fascinating how much you can really relax with such minimal movement… Carry K. (35) – QVC call centre operator (medical condition: hereditary scoliosis / migraines)

… I take my naps with the balls and I have the feeling that I’ve adopted a completely different posture … Jennifer G. (28) – bakery assistant (medical condition: hereditary scoliosis / tension in the shoulder and neck area)

For many years I’ve had problems with my joints and with the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints. Using ‘BALLance’ and the daily exercises my joints are clearly more relieved and stretched out. Super easy and effective, also thanks to the excellent and very individual care. Lareine K., (68) Director of Nursing (medical condition: lumbar spine, knee and hip complaints)

As a physiotherapist I can perfectly relax my back with the ‘BALLance’ method after a day’s work and feel ready for a new day. I could see the positive effects on my patients (tone regulation, reduction of poor posture habits, and a better alignment) and have also received positive feedback from my clients. Thanks to the noticeable, positive impact, my clients’ interest is constantly increasing and my class participants regularly ask for a cool down using ‘BALLance’ balls. Katharina B. (26) physiotherapist, Pilates trainer